Wer Bin Ich?

Out on: Techgnosis Records


With the release of ‘Wer Bin Ich?’ By Pallida, Techgnosis has added another quality producer and a quality production to their roster of techno wizards. Pallida is Andreas Lingbrand, a Sweden based producer hailing from the highly musically talented city of Gothenburg.

Wer Bin Ich, a 3 track album, comprising of 2 originals and a remix; showcases crystal-clear mixes and a mature yet accessible approach to song structure. The non-distorted and clear samples coupled with the delayed melodies create an experience which is as enjoyable lying down on a couch as it is be on a pumped up dance floor.

The powerfully groovy ‘Wer Bin Ich?’ is accompanied by a hypnotic gem b-side track called ‘Ausrufen Im Tanz’ and an equally engrossing re-edit of the title track which has an oomph factor to it which rendered it my personal favorite. This 3 track album is a short and sweet, yet a powerful introduction to what Pallida is capable of doing in the techno land. We can’t wait for more productions to come out of the Pallida and Techgnosis factory. Until then, enjoy this treasure on repeat.

(Thanks to Techgnosis Records for providing us with a digital copy of the album to review.)

Written and produced by Pallida
Original photography by Alexander Synaptic
Design by Amir Daana
Mastered by Jeremy Reid
Released in 2016 by Techgnosis Records

wer bin ich


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