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Techgnosis has went around Portugal once again and found another gem of a duo in Monogram. Here they present Monogram’s debut offering Voyager which is a 6 track EP with 2 strong originals, a trio of stellar remixes (by Stoertebeker, Alic and Troy Polygon) as well a special bonus track in the form of a remix of Alic’s Ostkreuz.

Over the past year, Portugal-based duo Monogram have been blasting their distinct brand of psychedelic techno/trance fusion in clubs and at parties across Portugal to great acclaim. It is no surprise to see Techgnosis find quality underground music.

This album showcases a strong skill set from all the producers and remixers involved as they all bring their unique style to the remix which more often than not renders the remix to sound like an original by itself. My favorite of the remixes is by Stoertebeker, although I love the industrial feel that Alic’s remix has to yet. All in all it’s a gem of an album from start to finish.
We highly recommend checking out this album.

Written, produced and designed by Monogram
Remixes by Troy Polygon, Alic and Stoertebeker
Original photography Alexander Synaptic
Mastering @ Sonic HQ, Freiburg
Released in 2016 by Techgnosis Records



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