Out on: Techgnosis Records


Deep and dark minimal techno release by Portuguese producer, Longalenga, applies elements of funky psy-chill to an introspective, brooding techno sound, making “Vitesse” a seemingly perfect fit for the Techgnosis roster. This is evident in the title track, which combines quirky percussion with foreboding synths to make for a truly stylish vibe. The other original track, “Ministerium Impactum” features a sweetly sinister minimal groove striking an interesting balance between an organic and a mechanical sound.
“Vitesse” includes remixes by Crennwiik, Ben Rama, and Matt Dwellers. As always, Ben Rama puts his sonic stamp on the track, lighter in tone using the synth lines of the original mix, reframing artfully. This remix has appeared in multiple Ben Rama live sets. Crennwiik offers a very interesting and different approach to “Vitesse”, choosing to focus more on the ambient and spacey elements of the tune. Matt Dwellers’ version is a completely different sound from the original. cutting the tune apart, and added his own parts to make a completely new sounding track with added “world” percussion and fantastic sub bass. Overall, I would describe it as a perfect minimal techno mix.
An amazing EP with a strong atmospheric tone. The remixes are also all full tunes in their own right. I would definitely recommend this release.
– Jason Gardiner

Written and produced by Longalenga
Remixes produced by Crennwiick, Ben Rama, and Matt Dwellers
Original photography and design by Alexander Synaptic
Mastered by Rob Hundt, Anti-Logic Studios, Berlin
Released in 2015 by Techgnosis Records



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