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Unity is the debut album from producer Psyonysus based in Jersey, U.K. Unity is a journey of melodic soundscapes, moving through driving progressive grooves into something more psychedelic and full-on before boiling over into something deeper and more downtempo. This 8 track debut album showcases a variety of sounds that Psyonsus brings to the table. The quality of audio production on this album is very crisp while the basslines are groovy and stompy. Right from the opening track ‘Afterlife’ which is full of joyful melodic sounds to the last track ‘Exit Samsara’ which is downtempo composition with a touch of Indian Classical music to it, the whole album is an absolute beauty. This is one producer to keep an eye out for in the future. Grab the free offering in high quality from Ektoplazm and dive into the rabbit hole.


01 – Afterlife (132 BPM)
02 – Dimensions Of Consciousness (136 BPM)
03 – Keelah Salai (132 BPM)
04 – Middle Way (132 BPM)
05 – Sonic Sky (134 BPM)
06 – Zatourus (145 BPM)
07 – Beneath The Remains (145 BPM)
08 – Exit Samsara (102 BPM)

Written and produced by Linz Kirk
Djembe on track 4 by Paulo Oliver.
Mastering by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio.
Artwork by Point Zero Productions.

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