The Dreamhouse Effect

Out on: Techgnosis Records


From Canadian Psytrance producer, Rob Eckhardt comes “The Dreamhouse Effect,” the debut EP from his Techno side project, Scintalekt. Immediately the listener, drawn into the depth of its’ cinematic atmosphere, embarks on a journey through the rich sonic landscapes of introspective melodies blending with dark and dangerous sci-fi synths, evocative of space exploration. Ranging from chillout and minimal, to driving and aggressive, the drum grooves on this EP convey a compelling sense of immediacy and momentum due to the expertly crafted layers of percussion and white noise effects throughout. The EP is a pleasant myriad of otherworldly sounds and gurgling, swirling textures which served to set the vivid contextual scene of each track.

The title track possesses the most unique sound on the album, opening with big club beats with dark synths making it invigorating yet haunting before breaking out into minimal sounds and pads.

As a whole, all of the tracks on “The Dreamhouse Effect” are wonderfully put together into a concise, and thematic experience that is a real pleasure to listen to.

-Jason Gardiner

Written and produced: Rob Eckhardt
Mastered: Edward Cybered @ Manifold Studio, Moscow
Original Photography & Design: Alexander Synaptic.
Released: Sept. 22, 2015 by Techgnosis Records.




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