Out on: Techgnosis Records


Canadian artist, Zentrix makes his Techgnosis label debut with this 3-track EP entitled “Pyramid.”

Zentrix is able to create complex textures of sound by weaving together many different effects, each of which evolve and develop over time in very detailed, and intriguing ways. Background elements such as the behaviour of delays, and reverbs are brought into focus, and made to form emotive melodic shapes of their own. Sounds are often embellished with delicate, airy trails which melt away stunningly. Deep, swirling air sounds are also used to build tension and anticipation, to great effect.

All three tracks on “Pyramid” feature an exquisitely clear and spacious mixing style, allowing a sufficient amount of breathing room to encapsulate the kinds of immense, sludgy bass lines that Zentrix manages to conjure up from the depths. Despite these tunes having such a powerful sense of weight, they maintain a playful, calming energy, gently washing over the listener with waves of soothing rumbles.

Review by Jason Gardiner



Written and produced by Zentrix
Design by Amir Daäna
Photography by Alexander Synaptic
Mastered by Jeremy Reid
Released by Techgnosis Records 2016



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