Krystal Kalimba

Out on: Blind Arc


Blind Arc presents Krystal Kalimba the debut album by Welovebass. Welovebass are Luís Marques and Maria Isaura, a couple from Porto, Portugal.

In Krystal Kalimba, Welovebass explore and push new boundaries in the progressive techno genre. The title track Krystal Kalimba has a very bouncy texture to it and the use of synths is simple and very melodic at the same time. This also holds true for the other original track on the album, Turquoise.

This release also features remixes by two Portuguese duos Monogram and Flembaz in which they both add their unique touches to the already brilliantly composed track. Krystal Kalimba is an album we at Techedelic love and strongly recommend.

Written & Produced By Luís Marques and Maria Isaura
Mastered by Flembaz at Tripalle Studios
Cover Artwork by Fred Sarmento

krystal kalimba


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