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Hypnotic Instincts’ fifth release features Canadian melodic artist Ben Rama talking about his Intuition through hand crafted melodies, structured into two original mixes followed by remixes by Luis M from Portugal and Canadian fellow Wes Straub, meticulously interpreting Rama’s Intuition through two audacious remixes.

This album has 4 tracks and each one is a journey by itself. Intuition (Original Mix) is a very melodic take on Techno with a pinch of psychedelic sound added to top it off with and on the other hand ‘Equinox’ has a deep and soothing feel to it.

Intuition (Luis M Remix) is one of the most meticulously done remixes I’ve heard in a long time. The minimal sounds and use of the original’s samples is something I’ve appreciated the most on this album.

Wes Straub has also expressed his Intuition on this release with a remix which is very rich in synth sounds providing dreamy and atmospheric textures.

Written and produced: Ben Rama
Mastered: Robert Hundt (anti-logic mastering)
Artwork by Charbel Karam.
Released: Sept. July 15, 2015 by Hypnotic Instincts.




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