Crystaleyez [EP]

Out on: Bassic Records


Crystaleyez by Australian producer Ark-E-Tech (Jojo Marino) is a picturesque journey of sound and movement, charting a course through deep grooves and emotive melodies with the benefit of horns, guitars, and floating vocals to compliment synthesized electronic sounds. This broad spectrum release also features collaborations with Mecca and Synthetic Structures as well as remixes by Australian techno pioneers Funkform and Timmus and upcoming artists Käse Kochen and Mr. Chow. Each track on the album is very well produced and implemented meticulously from beginning to end. The album as a whole carries a lot of variety and depth in sound due to the versatile remixes. That being said, each original on this album is a beautifully crafted journey through crystal clear sounds and sometimes stomach churning bass. With this release, Bassic Records showcases the creative connectivity and capabilities of the Australian underground music community.

“Special thanks to my dad Frank Marino, my musical inspiration and mentor.” – Jojo

1. My Muse (Original Mix) 06:23
2. Triptamean Dream (Original Mix) 06:08
3. Ark-E-Tech & Mecca – Look At Yourself (Original Mix) 08:59
4. Ark-E-Tech & Synthetik Structures – Diagnostix (Original Mix) 06:08
5. My Muse (Funkform Remix) 07:37
6. Triptamean Dream (Timmus Remix) 08:04
7. Ark-E-Tech & Mecca – Look At Yourself (Mr.Chow Remix) 09:26
8. Ark-E-Tech & Synthetik Structures – Diagnostix (Käse Kochen Remix) 06:28


My Muse remix co-produced by Maddy Hughes;
guitar in Triptamean Dream by David Bailey; Triptamean Dream remix co-produced by Tim Streckfuss;
Look At Yourself co-produced by Josh Lehrer with vocals by Charmaine Silk and guitar by David Bailey; Look At Yourself remix co-produced by Saki Chow;
Diagnostix co-produced by Danny Stocco; Diagnostix remix co-produced by Harii Daowns with guitar by Aron Thogerson and Harii Daowns.
Photography by Daniel Tran
Original logo by Nathan Mulligan
Final graphics by Ziggy Bramich



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