Creatures [EP]

Out on: Bassic Records


Bass To Pain Converter twists the most heartfelt soundscapes into techno of the heaviest brutality – bass transmutation deep in your being. Creatures EP showcases what B2PC are all about, not just death by bass, but also finding the balance with deep groove and narrative. Creatures presents us with all of this, a journey through darkness and light, grounded by a tough bassline and driven by strong rhythm. Yidak delves into a more traditional techno structure though is being received incredibly, as artists such as Kliment, Knobs, Dean Benson and Paul Abad show massive amounts of support to it despite being the “B-Side.”

Ken Zo’s remix is a perfected progressive piece, once again breaking down barriers between techno and trance with uplifting but deep energies and groovy yet driving basslines. Ark-E-Tech collaborates with Mecca and Synthetik Structures bringing forth a robust representation of bush techno and psychedelic minimalism. Stripped back and straight to the point; dark, fun, fat and an interesting playful way of using the sounds of the original.

Produced by Bass To Pain Converter – Paul Suares and Anthony Robertson
Creatures remix co-produced by Fabrice David
Yidak remix co-produced by Jojo Marino, Josh Lehrer and Danny Stocco
Mastered by Darren Zeising
Original photography by Zach Parker
Final graphics by Ziggy Bramich at Bassic Records



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