Out on: Blind Arc


Flembaz is back with Caruma, their third full-length album, released by Blind Arc. In Caruma, Flembaz present a cerebral endeavor, more focused on the collective listening experience, slow build-ups leading up to structured, yet raw summit points, in a minimalistic take on the psychedelic realm of techno music punctuated by ecstasy-inducing peaks. The title reveals the thought process of the album: in Portuguese, Caruma is a collective noun for needles that amass in the soil beneath pine trees, the setting of volatile microcosms – and a perfect firelighter.

The album is at 130 BPM throughout as it takes you through a realm of minimalist sound which many a time have a tendency to mesmerize the listeners in their carefully crafted build ups. Each track is worth listening to and will definitely add a twisted component of psychedelic techno to any DJ set or playlist. A highly recommended album for all techno and psychedelic listeners.

Written and produced: João Bandarra & Pedro R. Artur (Flembaz)
Mastered: João Bandarra & Pedro R. Artur
Artwork: Fred Sarmento
Released: August 12, 2015 by Blind Arc




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