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Flembaz is a duo comprising of João Bandarra and Pedro Freitas who teamed up during the year 2011 in Lisbon, with the goal of traveling the vibrational world that surrounds us through the medium of sound. They see vibration as energy, translated into the physical world through electronic compositions.

These trips are only stationary delusions influenced by the chaotic city life, mental gymnastics to reach the farther and farther away nature.
After thousands of hours of learning, they now show the world what they perceive as the junction of many musical genres – from the electricity to our ears.

With 3 full length albums, 8 EPs and numerous singles released, they stand as one of the most prolific electronic music duos around in the scene. They have released mostly under their own label Blind Arc while having a handful of releases on other respected labels of the genre such as Horns and Hoofs Entertainment, Bonzai and Digital Diamonds.Together they showcase a full live act of original material that can go up to 4 hours: for the day or night, for the club or festival.

Join them in this voyage from any dimension that you may be floating in, everyone is welcome to dance to the Flembaz sound.


Indigo (Blind Arc) (2012)

Tripalle ‎(Blind Arc) (2014)

Caruma (Blind Arc) (2015)

Singles & EPs
Magic Mint ‎‎(Blind Arc) (2013)

Baryon EP (Micro Digital Records) (2013)
Prompt EP (Blind Arc) 2013

Wild Horse ‎(Blind Arc)2014

Alicanto EP (Horns And Hoofs Entertainment) (2014)
Orobas (Techgnosis Records) (2015)

Café EP ‎(Bonzai Progressive)



Agency Blind Arc

Email blindarclabel@gmail.com

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